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Verbančič, Robert
Verbančič, Robert

Full name: Verbančič, Robert

Activity: Pilot

Started Flying in: 1983 as a Glider pilot

What was / is the reason for your decision to compete in air sports?  In aviation I like something more than just “have fun”

Professional: I am a flight instructor since 1992 (PPL, CPL, IFR, FI)
I am a flight examiner since 2008

Recreational: Glider towing, Parachute dropping, sportsman aerobatics, banner towing, soaring

Hobbies: Glider towing, Parashut droping, sportsman aerobatics, banner towing, soaring

Participation at previous international championships:

Year Country Kind Rank or Position
2001 Spain WAG – precision 2
Spain EPFC 2
2006 France WPFC 12
2008 Austria WPFC 3
2009 Poland WPFC 12
2013 Germany WPFC 10