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The landing competition was completed Wednesday as planned.

The individual result show that Mauri  Halinen from Finland takes the trophy  for the best landings. This is a surprising turnaround after the preliminaries when he was only in place 44. After at protest a 200 points penalty from his 4th landing over an obstacle was cancelled, and he moved from 218 penalties to only 18. The initial assessment was that the landing was a ‘3-pointer’ i.e. that all three wheels hit the ground at the same time. According to the rules the main wheels must have contact before the nose wheel. After a closer look at the video from the landing the jury agreed that the landing was correct, and this placed Halinen three points better than the preliminary champion Tomas Rajdl  from the Czech Republic.

This means that the competitors from the preliminaries moves down one step, resulting in that Krzysztof Skretowicz from Poland comes in third.

Unfortunately from a local point or view this also means that  Kjeld Hjorth from Denmark moves to the less prestigious number 4. A tiny movement of the cockpit controls would have secured a clear first, and this was possible until the 4th and last landing. This was, however, 2 meters short – before the white centre line on the landing strip. Landing before the line costs 10 penalties per meter, so minus one meter would have been enough to secure victory. However, similar regrets may be shown by other pilots, but this is the essence of the competition: A tiny error may easily cost the podium position.

For a closer look at the landings, please take a fem minutes to look at 942 pictures from the event here. Courtesy of Bo Oxlund.

The jury deliberated on 5 complaints from pilots Thursday morning. After the final decisions, please download the individual results here:

Official Landing

The landing competition also ranks the best national team results with the best three pilots, and here the pilots from the Czech Republic came first. The pilots are Rajdl Tomas, David Cerny and Jiri Jakes showed their strength with only 121 points in total. France and Poland came in the secondary places. Please find the results here:

Official Landing Teams